Top Home Renovations to Increase Property Value

When deciding on what project to do next on your house you want to make sure that it will add value to your home. Here are some good places to start when it’s time to update.


Entrance & Front Door

Nothing adds to your home’s curb appeal than updating the entrance and front door. It’s true what they say that home owners and home buyers judge a book by it’s cover – or a home by its front door. With that being said, you want to make sure that your home catches attention, in a good way.

Easy renovations to your front entrance include improving the front walkway: add bricks, plant some flowers or hedges. Also keep your yard looking neat and tidy. Another simple upgrade that is trending is to paint your front door a bright and bold color that catches attention and makes your home stand out.

Fresh Coats of Paint

Keep your home looking bright with a fresh coat of paint. Although it may be tempting to choose bright and bold colors, to increase the value of your house opt for a more neutral color palette. If your home is older, get rid of the wallpaper and wall paneling. All these do is date your home.

When painting, another important factor to consider is texture. Does your home have popcorn textured walls? What about the ceiling? If so, scrape that off to create a more modern texture before you paint on your fresh coat of paint.
While the next few projects can be a lot to do by yourself, but they don’t need to be. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference. It doesn’t take an entire remodel to add value to your home, sometimes just fixing up the details can make the biggest difference. We’re talking bathrooms and kitchens. These types of projects can have an 80-85% return, something to consider!

Bathroom Renovation

While a lot can be improved by simply changing fixtures, new lighting, fresh paint and grout can do a lot in sprucing up your bathroom. You can spend a relatively small amount and it makes a huge difference in terms of appearance. But if you want to take it a step further replace your toilet for a low-flow one, update your shower & tub for a walk-in, add tile flooring or hard wood instead of laminate.

Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is most likely the gathering place for you and your family, especially when entertaining. Also, the kitchen is the first place potential home buyers go to during a tour, so this is definitely a place to be sure to keep updated. Easy fixes are updating appliances. Stainless steel is the way to go in today’s kitchen for a sleek and clean space.

Taking it a step further for the complete overhaul of your kitchen area consider the floor plan of your area. Does the layout of your space make sense? Is your cooking area set up the way you want it? After you get the layout the way you want it then consider installing granite countertops, updating cabinets, and adding an interesting backsplash


Updating and replacing old flooring is also a value booster when it comes to home renovations, although for this project you’ll likely need the help of a professional. Get rid of old linoleum, outdated or stained carpets to have a quick improvement that can do wonders for your home’s interior appearance.

A popular, yet classic option is hard wood floors. This option will never go out of style if done properly. If you’re going to invest in hardwood floors, make sure that you get natural or engineered wood. Laminates tend to look fake, diminishing the appeal of hardwood. When done correctly, installing hardwood floors can double the value compared to what you invest.